THE US magazine Foreign Policy has levelled the charge that Pakistan is deliberately trying to sabotage the UN report on the assassination of Benazir Bhutto. It has based this contention on the argument that the Zardari set-up believes that the findings give a severe reprimand to the security establishment of the country for not only its poor arrangements for Benazirs safety, but also its act of literally washing off the evidence from the crime scene shortly after the tragedy took place. The magazine has also lamented the fact that the President on whose behest the UN has delayed the publication does not have a clue about the issue. Ever since President Zardari assumed office, he has been saying that he knows the identity of the killers and would find them, but it is a pity that now when the probe has been carried out, he goes back on his word, as if he is reluctant to face the reality. It is a crying shame that the murderers have gone scot-free largely because of the lack of courage by the present dispensation to conduct thorough investigations. The public and PPP jialias are getting edgy and must be wondering why the President had to desperately ask UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon not to release the report. Presidential spokesman Farhatullah Babar has suggested that three foreign heads of state, who had warned Benazir of what the future holds for her, should also be included. Nevertheless, the report should not have been kept from the public, solely for this reason. This amounts to questioning the ability and professionalism of members of the inquiry commission, which includes Peter Fitzgerald who had successfully carried out the investigation into the killing of Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. The investigation should now be made public, the culprits tracked down and brought to justice.