Whoever you meet these days is complaining of long and frequent spells of power outages, blaming the electricity utility for it. Though tempted to go with the general view, I cant help observing that the wastage of power around us has contributed some bit in the problem too. Looking at the extravagant usage of electricity (whenever we have it) in shops, houses, offices and streets, in weddings and other social gatherings, its hard to believe that we are in the middle of the biggest power crisis of our history. We are unashamedly wasting as well as stealing valuable energy which could have powered our moribund industry and fledgling civic facilities. Half the solution to power crisis, if not the whole, lies in our hands. I consider the suggestion by KESC to conserve energy by taking personal measures wise. I also agree with the initiative of closing down shops by 8:00 p.m. It will take an enormous collective effort to address this problem but this is what we need to do to save our industry from wreckage and is increasingly faced with the sort of losses that relate to the economic fundamentals. Blaming authorities for not doing enough is fashionable but we only have the right to blame others when we ourselves are doing something to redress the problem. -SUMERA UROOJ, Karachi, April 7.