The biggest metropolitan city of Pakistan, Karachi is the backbone of countrys economy. One would have thought it would be the model city in all aspects but it is probably a model of what no city should ever be. Problems of electricity, water shortage, drainage system, lack of transport, just about every problem you can imagine is here, often at its virulent worst. Though the City government has built many overhead bridges and under-passes over the years, something worth appreciating no doubt, but the perennial jam is there as it always was. I think there should be a strict check on the bus drivers as well as a periodic check of the condition of buses on road. The race-on-public-road, a Karachi special, is on as always. Whenever two buses of the same route happen to be side by side, you notice the rivalry of bus drivers immediately possessing their soul and the race is on right away. The risk to lives of several dozens of passengers sitting in either of the buses is never a bother for them. In order to win this mad competition, they also blithely ignore the need for giving enough time to passengers to step out properly at the scheduled stops. There is no check on them from the city authorities so they keep on driving rash and dangerous. The problem of girls having men in their compartment is a permanence. Added nuisance are the very vulgar language the bus driver and his accompanying handlers speak along with their stereos blaring away with 'music of the same kind. All in all, Karachiites have a truly rough ride of it. -SAIRA KAMAL, Karachi, April 7.