Globalization affects us in many ways, forcing us to adopt things in our daily lives that are not even necessary. The glamour of tele-media advertising influences mind of the common man in a way that one is coaxed to do what they want us to with out realizing the good or bad of it all. In western countries, for example, cold drinks are usually taken in tins rather than glass bottles because tins are more economical for their manufacturers than glass bottles. But in Asian countries, particularly in India and Pakistan, tins are not deemed economical compared to glass bottles but our younger set prefers buying tins rather than bottles as a statement of style. Why are our young so affected by the western media? Because their media has credibility. The underdeveloped and developing countries can break this monopoly and stop the western cultural invasion that over arches their product support if we could build the credibility of our media, TV channels and news sources. It might be difficult to achieve individually but is certainly possible on the regional level. All we have to is to do present ourselves as credible sources of information over the long haul. Credibility is the quality of being believable or trustworthy and it can be achieved with freedom of speech and expression and by recognizing peoples right to know. -UMAIR ASIF, Islamabad, April 7.