Pakistans high-level delegation has returned home after taking part in the strategic talks with US in Washington. Foreign Minister Shah Mehmud Qureshi, who headed this delegation, has come back flush with optimism that the old ally Washington at last has a better understanding of Islamabads point of view on various important matters. He has described the strategic dialogue as very successful. Mr Qureshi is unable to tell us, though, of even a verbal assurance from the Americans on the all-important civil nuclear technology deal, which New Delhi has had from Washington and Islamabad does not. The priority that Washington attached to its relations with Islamabad was evident from the treatment they received in the US capital. President Barack Obama did not even bother to do the 'informal walk-in that Presidents are sometimes wont to do, even though the delegation had actually called on officials in the White House. Vice-President Joe Bidden did make an unscheduled appearance, an 'informal walk-in, but that was just about all. President Obama, meanwhile, paid a surprise unscheduled visit to Kabul which was kept secret till the very last but again did not bother to send even a goodwill message to Pakistani leaders from Air Force One, what to say of a brief stopover at Islamabad. May be I am reading too much into the nuances of protocol but it seems rather clear from all of this that US accords a somewhat low priority to the present leadership of Pakistan. If that reading is true, I wonder why cant Pakistan also do an in-depth review of its own priorities? -KHALID I. KHAN, Lahore, April 6.