IT is now clear that Candidate Obamas promises on many critical issues have dissipated in the powerful headiness of the Presidents office. His references to the Kashmir issue have been lost as have his statements relating to reversing Bushs militarism. One of the most obvious instances of amnesia has been the Obama commitment to nuclear disarmament. He has neither resuscitated the CTBT nor moved away from the Bush Administrations rationalisation of nuclear war fighting and first use of nuclear weapons. It hardly matters if he restricts the framework for using nuclear weapons since using one weapon or more than one is still a justification of the military uses of these weapons. In the same vein, Obamas START treaty with Russia does not rid the two countries of their enormous nuclear arsenals and enough are retained to destroy the world. Clearly, it is economic and political rationalisations that are guiding Obamas nuclear arms reduction policies, as was the case with previous US Administrations, rather than a commitment to nuclear disarmament. Yet it was this commitment that apparently played such a major role in Obama getting the Nobel Prize That is why Obama is relying so heavily on the global nuclear security summit to resuscitate his failed commitment to nuclear disarmament. So, the pressure will be put on the rest of the world to make commitments to nuclear security and so on. What the US is unprepared to do itself, it wants the rest of the world to do. In this context, the world may be asked to make a commitment to the US draft for a Fissile Material Cut-off Treaty (FMCT). Pakistan needs to stand its ground and reject this pressure on the FMCT since this does not include reductions in existing stockpiles of fissile material or international verifications. No doubt Pakistan will be singled out to do more, given how its nuclear programme sits uneasily with the US and its allies. Although the truth is that neither the Pakistani state nor Dr Khan broke any international obligations even if they provided nuclear assistance to Iran or North Korea, we are always targeted on this count because we do not assert ourselves boldly. Iran also will be a focus of US censure. Yet, the ground reality is that on most nuclear issues the US is the greatest offender. On international legal commitments in the nuclear field, it is the US that is contravening its Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT) obligations brazenly through its nuclear agreement with India. Even in terms of security it is the US that is failing with its weak and exposed command and control system and its continuing record of missing fissile material. So it is time for the rest of the world to call the USs bluff and expose Obamas hypocrisy on the nuclear issue. If Obama wants nuclear disarmament, let the US lead the way instead of making demands on others that it cannot fulfil itself.