ISLAMABAD - The Standing Committee on Textile has recommended that the target of $25 billion export of cotton set by the government should be achieved to secure the textile sector of country. It also recommended that APTMA should build a new department for producing new variety of cotton seed. The committee also recommended that Pakistan should achieved as much per acre yield of cotton as it is in neighbouring countries like India. The Secretary informed the Committee that last year due to complex situation regarding global shortage of cotton the government took a number of regulatory steps to contain the export of yarn. At the moment, free market economy is prevailing and government control is not in placed and there is no government intervention. This year cotton production is expected to be less at about 11.8 billion bales and shortfall is there. Therefore there will be less export of cotton. There is in expected shortfall of 4 billion bales and on import of cotton there is 6 percent duty. The ministry was asked to provide the committee with all details of subsidies given by the government to the textile industry and the data about the return achieved as tax. The committee was informed that even 6 percent duty rebate was not being given. Lt. Gen (Retd) Senator Ashraf Qazi sated that the country export hinges on textile which is life line of county and FBR should be told to clear all dues in this regard. The committee recommended that ministry should not confine itself to the end product and should be directly involved in all the stages and sectors of textile industry. The committee recommended that the ministry should help and guide various stakeholders regarding beneficial deals from certain countries. The committee stressed upon the ministry to carve out a strategy in order to meet the expected shortfall in cotton production this year.