Chinas friendship with Pakistan is time tested. One is indeed beholden to it for yet again coming to get us out of the energy crisis. On Wednesday, a team of Chinese engineers, including Chairman of the Three Gorges Project Corporation Cao Guangjing Jang offered full help to overhaul our energy sector through launching wind, hydel and solar projects. President Zardari conferred Hilal-e-Quaid-i-Azam on Mr Cao Guangjing for the services he has rendered for Pakistans power sector. It is worth mentioning that the Corporation is working on a number of electricity generation projects in the country. The new ventures that have been agreed include the Bunji Hydroelectric project with a generation capacity of 7100MW, Kroat project with 720MW and a 120MW power plant in Taunsa. Simultaneously, another delegation of Chinese businessmen and technical experts met Finance Minister Hafeez Sheikh and offered to immediately invest $15 billion in our energy sector. This is a reassurance that our friend is there to help us in the time of trouble. Chinas construction of Three Gorges Dam, the largest in the world that produces 22,500MW of electricity is rightly lauded as a feat of human engineering. It is, therefore, satisfying that we will have at our disposal the same talent and expertise that gave birth to this wonder of modern technology. The competence of the Chinese in building this dam contrasts sharply with our rank procrastination in going ahead with the construction of Kalabagh Dam that has been in limbo for decades. The pity is that Prime Minister Gilani who himself confessed that had there been Kalabagh Dam the destruction from floods would have been on a lesser scale has not done anything to make it a reality. We must waste no time in seriously examining the Chinese offer that promises to bridge the gap between supply and demand, and also go ahead with the construction of Kalabagh Dam.