A MARYLAND man got a startling surprise when he went to use a Walmart restroom. Find out how a man was physically glued to a toilet seat in an April Fools joke gone wrong. A 48-year-old man is nursing some minor wounds at present, unfortunately theres no prescription for humiliation. Hes now the victim of a twisted April Fools prank that could result in some jail time for the jokester. On March 31, police were called to the Elkton Walmart to help a man who was physically incapable of separating himself from the restroom toilet seat. A strong adhesive of some kind was applied to the top of the seat and the man only noticed after he attempted to get up. Responders were able to remove the man from the restroom, but not the toilet seat from his body. The victim was taken to Union Hospital of Cecil County where the toilet seat was detached from his body. He suffered minor injuries. Police are searching for the perpetrator who could face second degree assault charges. En.terra