LAHORE Leaders in Pakistan have failed to deliver and masses have to play their role to rectify the current situation. Peace in Karachi is a challenge for Sindh government. Unfortunately, the incumbent political parties in the government have disappointed the masses. If the law do not take action against the criminal, extortionist, drug and land mafias then the situation will deteriorate further. The aims of government can be judged through the sacking of Dr Zulfiqar Mirza. Target-killing will be increased by sacking of those who speak for the truth. These views were expressed by Jamiat Ulema Islam leader Hafiz Hussain Ahmed, Editor TheNation Salim Bokhari while Jamaat-e-Islami Ameer Munawar Hassan, ANP Sindh leader Shahi Syed and MQM leader Wasey Jalil participated in the discussion via telephone in Waqt News programme 'Bar Waqt. Hafiz Hussain said the real change in the country can only be brought out if the masses collectively gather at one point. He said Altaf Hussain talked of revolution but his return to the country was the biggest revolution.