We the residents of Mauzas Rampur and Lundi Pitafi in district Muzaffargarh are thankful to the government of Punjab for effective eradication of the Bosan gangs that were freely operating here until some time ago. But since the inception of new government, we have fallen victim to a new crop of marauders that are unfortunately thriving under the surreptitious patronage of some politicians especially those who had lost in the last elections. In Mauza Rampur that is bordering on Mauza Lundi Pitafi, the notorious members of the Keehal, Bhand and Ghazlani clans allegedly on a cue from certain politicians, burgle the houses of some targeted peace-loving land owners. When the victims cry out in agony they are approached by the same politicians for consolation and promise of help in return for a tacit promise of their support during the next elections. The police of the area is quite familiar with this unholy game but turns a blind eye for a suitable consideration. The criminal elements are thus having a field day whereas it has become quite impossible for any respectable resident to live here peacefully. The government of Punjab is requested to order the police authorities to undertake an effective campaign to eradicate the criminal elements of Mauza Rampur, District Muzaffargarh, to make this area safely liveable. Faiz Muhammad, Muzaffargarhm April 7.