LAHORE A 14-month-old baby boy was found strangled lying alongside a drain in Sabzazar police area, police said on Thursday. Police investigators said that the boy, yet to be identified, was lying dead near the Karchiwali Bridge in Dubbanpura area as they rushed to the crime scene. Some passersby spotted the dead body and contacted the police by phone. Mohammad Ahmed, duty-officer at Sabzazar police station, when contacted, said that the police registered the murder case against unidentified killer. He further said that the police buried the body at a local graveyard without autopsy. We have registered the murder case (FIR No 318/11) against unidentified killers and are investigating, Ahmed said. He also claimed that the police buried the baby at a graveyard in the presence of locals of the area without autopsy. Investigators said that there were visible torture marks on the neck and other body parts of the boy. Apparently, it seemed that unidentified killers abducted the boy, strangled him and fled away after throwing his body into the drain, a police investigator said. Police believed that there was a possibility that the killers strangled the boy due to non-payment of ransom amount. Legal experts said that the police committed the blunder by burying the baby-boy without autopsy. When you register a murder case, autopsy of the deceased is a must and a prerequisite that helps establish evidences during investigations, a senior lawyer said. He also said that the police buried the boy in haste and committed legal blunders as far as investigations into this blind murder are concerned. As a routine practice in murder case, the police shift the dead body to the morgue, where an autopsy is carried out. In case of unidentified dead body, the police keep the dead at the morgue for several days so that it could be identified.