LAHORE Dacoits gunned down a newly-married youth for offering resistance during a robbery attempt at the doorstep of his residence in the Samanabad Police Station area, sources said on Thursday. Mohammad Farooq (24) along with his wife was coming back after attending a dinner party hosted by their relatives after Wednesday midnight. As the couple reached their residence situated in Jehangir Street Samanabad, two motorcyclists intercepted them at the doorstep of their house. The bandits held them up at gunpoint and demanded cash and gold ornaments. As the youth put up resistance and tried to capture one of the bandits, the next opened fire on him. The youth fell down on the ground while the motorcyclists fled away from the scene. The youth sustained multiple bullet wounds and succumbed to the injuries in front of his wife. On the other side, local residents said that the deceaseds mother had lost her mental balance after she witnessed his dead body lying in a pool of blood right outside the main gate. The police noted that the victim, who tied the knot just three months before the incident, was the employee of a private transport company. However, the police have removed the body to the morgue for autopsy and are investigating with no arrest made so far. guard found dead : A 50-year-old security guard was found dead under mysterious circumstances in Johar Town, Punjab Emergency Service (Rescue 1122) workers said on Thursday. Separately, police said that the deceased, identified as Waleed Khan, suddenly fell down on the ground and died during his duty as security guard in a housing society. The police have removed the body to the morgue for autopsy and are investigating.