ISLAMABAD - Giving preference to flood-hit roads, Communication Minister Dr Arbab Alamgir directed for reconstruction of Madayan-Kalam section of N-95 to facilitate residents of Swat. Chakdara-Kalam (N-95) road was damaged due to flood last year at various places as its 45 Km road for Madayn to Kalam has been totally washed away and rest of the road also needs major maintenance and repair work at various locations. The minister said that residents of Swat had been facing difficulties due to the damaged road and immediate steps are required to revive the road. He further said that law and order situation in the region has badly hampered the rehabilitation work in the area. PC-1 amounting to Rs 4.7 billion has been approved for rehabilitation of the damaged road. He said this in a meeting attended by NHA and FWO officials. Chairman NHA Muhammad Junaid, GM NHA Peshawar Yusuf Ali and senior officers of Ministry of Communications, National Highway Authority, and Frontier Works Organizations (FWO) and other participated in the meeting. Chairman NHA Muhammad Junaid told the minister that various local and international organisations have shown interest in construction work. NHA has completed the design of the road. Earlier, Director General of FWO told the meeting that FWO immediately started endeavours after the flood and the area has been made accessible with temporary roads and bridges. The minister said that NHA has requested Federal Govt to provide funds for reconstruction work, but due to financial crunch through which the govt was not in position to give funds immediately.