LAHORE The Punjab Police official website, which was hacked by Indian hackers IGCOE_HACKER on July 9, 2010, was restored to its original position on Thursday. The Punjab Police officers including Police Headquarters Additional Director Computers Mrs Shaheen Khalid in coordination with the Punjab Information Technology Board managed to restore the website with the original name of Earlier, the hackers had left a message on the homepage where they asked the Pakistani government to stop proxy war against India. They also erased the messages of Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif and former Punjab inspector general of police Tariq Saleem Dogar from the website, which has been hacked twice. In one incident; the official emblem was replaced with the Indian Punjab Police logo. On the other side, a cyber attack was also carried out on the website of the Central Bureau of Investigation - the top civilian investigation agency of India - in December, 2010. The attack was made by Pakistani hackers in response to such attempts made on 40 Pakistani websites, intensifying the cyber war between India and Pakistan started in 1998. The cyber war between both the countries is on full swing as the three major hacking groups of India including the Predators PK, H2O or the Hindustan Hackers Organisation and Indian Cyber Army are active while the Indian websites were being attacked mostly by two prominent Pakistani hacker groups - Pakistan Hackers Club and G-Force. The founder of the PHC is claimed to be Karachi-based while G-Force, consisting eight members, is hailing from Lahore. According to the homepage of the site, three levels of recruitment in the police department, police initiatives, public services, crime statistics, newsrooms, safety tips, police rules & regulations and other information are available on the website. It, moreover, provides information about the contact and Fax numbers of all the sectional heads at the PHQ along with CCPO, all RPOs, CPOs and DPOs as well as of the women police stations in the province. It may be worth mentioning here that the external links of the websites of the Federal Investigation Agency, Sindh Police, Islamabad Police, Edhi, Nadra, 1124 Punjab Highway petrol and Rescue 1122 can be accessed on the Home page. The websites most important feature, which could be helpful for public personnel, is e-complaints and e-suggestions.