Kidnapping for ransom has flourished into an industry in the recent past, with majority of incidents involving the helpless minorities of Pakistan. It has been a routine exercise to such an extent that the widely circulated dailies of the country could only afford to adjust such a news item consisting of few lines in their inner pages. The case in point refers to renowned business-woman and committed social activist, Nilofar Abadaan, who was kidnapped in broad daylight from the Quivery Road, in Quetta on the World Womens Day i.e. 8th March, 2011. This single event is enough to depict the plight of women in Balochistan and an ever growing lawlessness in the province. Nilofar Abadaan is a brave lady who fought for the release of her husband, Faridon Abadaan former Balochistan Minister, kidnapped back in 2002. She did all she could for the safe release of her husband but unfortunately none of her efforts proved fruitful till she herself met the same fate. The courageous lady during all her struggle never thought of leaving Balochistan. Following assurances ranging from the president to the provincial authorities, there was a tinge of hope that some day the government would get serious enough to act forcefully against the anti-social elements, who have destroyed the peace of the largest province of Pakistan. But the government did not do anything serious to recover her husband. I would urge all the authorities concerned to wake-up before it is too late. The future of minorities must be protected to protect Pakistan. KASHIF ALI RAJPER, Islamabad, April 6.