LAHORE Enemies of Pakistan have started orchestrated efforts to influence President Obamas new Af-Pak strategy to start withdrawing American troops from Afghanistan from July 4, says a former chief of the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI). Lt Gen (retd) Hameed Gul said while talking to TheNation on Thursday that a US report that Pakistan doesnt have the roadmap to fight Taliban militancy; another report carried by Wall Street Journal that Al-Qaeda operatives are gradually returning to Eastern Afghanistan and setting up bases for the first time in years; and Indian Northern Army Commander Chief Gen KT Parnaiks assertion that India not only faces threats from Chinese troops along the Line of Actual Control but it could well extend to the Line of Control with Pakistan due to close Beijing-Islamabad military cooperation have the same goal. Rubbishing all these reports, he said their purpose was to paint a particular picture of the situation that President Obama was left with no option but to review the earlier policy and extend the stay of US forces in Afghanistan till the denuclearization of Pakistan. He said the allegation that Pakistan had no robust plan to defeat Taliban contradicted the earlier statements made by various US officials, including Admiral Mike Mullen, CIA Chief Leon Panetta, Gen Petraeus and Gen McChrystal on the subject. He recalled that there was a time when the US had repeatedly praised Pakistans efforts for the purpose and declared that fewer than 70 Al-Qaeda operatives were left in the region. Gen Gul said now the threat was being exaggerated to influence the White House not to announce any plan to withdraw American troops from Afghanistan. In his opinion Pentagon bigwigs opposed to Obamas withdrawal plan were behind the anti-Pakistan reports. It was an open secret, he said, that President Obama had no stomach for this war and he wanted to conclude it at the earliest possible.