LAHORE The unannounced prolonged loadshedding in the Lahore Township Industrial Area (LTIA) is bound to bring economic activity to a grinding halt and bring the industrial sector out of mire, the government would have to take measures on war footing to end the power outages. In a joint statement issued here Thursday, the Chairman, Pakistan Industrial and Traders Associations Front (PIAF) Sohail Lashari, LTIA Chairman Haroon Shafiq Chaudhry and Chairman Auto Parts Manufacturers & Exporters Association Tahir Javed Malik said that due to long power outages, industrial production is at the lowest and if the situation remains the same, industrial units would left no option but to close down their operations. They said that no denying the fact there was a shortage of electricity in neighbouring countries as well but they have given priority to the industrial sector. He said that the government would have to reset its priorities to cope with this crisis like situation. He said that the government would have to conduct a detailed study of various industrial sectors to finalize load shedding schedule for them. They said that it was not possible to keep the industrial wheel on the run in the presence of such a huge load shedding and it would be far better to close down the industrial production instead of sending repeated reminders to the LESCO and PEPCO authorities. They expressed the apprehension of presence of some anti-government people in the ranks of LESCO and PEPCo who were spoiling the image of the govt.