LAHORE - Pilots of Pakistan International Airline participated in the Annual International Federation of Airline Pilots Association (IFALPA) Conference on air safety, held on the International Airline Pilots Day in Chiang Mai, Thailand on Thursday. IFALPA held first-of-a-kind meeting in Thailand where a large number of pilots, airlines staff members and aviation experts participated from across the globe. PIA delegation, representing Pakistan in the conference, led by PALPA President Captain Sohail Baloch actively participated in different technical sessions to share views and experiences. Baloch said that the PIA Pilots were committed to adopt advanced learning practices related to aviation safety and passengers satisfaction in order to minimise the aircraft crash incidents in airspace of the country as well as elsewhere. The PIA pilots also attended different discussions and training sessions of the event for enhancing their knowledge including model of the Gulf carriers, trans-national airlines, flight and duty time limitations and air safety measures. The key focus of the event was to enhance safety of passengers through risk-free airlines operations including administrative and technical challengers on the priority.