LAHORE - A central leader of the JUI-F alleges the PML-N is a hurdle to change of government or an alliance of opposition parties. Hafiz Husain Ahmed said this while delivering a lecture at Aiwan-i-Waqt on Thursday that the PPP government was in power because of the policies of PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif, not personal qualities of President Zardari. He said since the PML-N was the biggest opposition party with 92 NA seats, it was duty-bound to try to unite all opposition parties. However, he said, it had failed to take any step for the purpose. Recalling the JUI-(Fs split with the ruling PPP a few months ago, witty Hafiz Husain Ahmed said his party believed that now opposition parties would welcome it to their fold. But, he regretted, instead of sending any positive signals those parties turned against it. He said even the PML-Q had played no role in bringing the opposition parties closer. Making an obvious reference to a dinner Maulana Fazlur Rehman hosted in Islamabad for leaders of various opposition parties, he said it was an effort to unite them against the government.He said the PPP had come to power as a result of what he called the Abu Dhabi Agreement between Benazir Bhutto and Pervez Musharraf, with USA, Britain and UAE as guarantors. It was because of this agreement the government was not taking any step against the former president who was allegedly involved in the assassination of PPP chairperson. He said Interior Minister Rehman Malik had said recently that a new FIR would be registered against the murder of Benazir Bhutto. Once this was done, the JUI-F leader said the arrest warrants for Musharraf would automatically become irrelevant. He said the interior ministers assertion that all accused had already been nabbed manifested Musharraf had been cleared. The leader said the Constitution was not being followed in letter and spirit and it was for this reason that President Zardari was simultaneously holding a party office despite the fact the basic law disallows a head of state to step in politics before the elapse of two years after his retirement. Wheres the Constitution? Wheres the Chief Justice of Pakistan? Hafiz Husain Ahmed said as a result of a mass movement the chief justice of Pakistan had been restored, but not justice. Had justice also been restored, CIA operative Raymond Davis would not have been allowed to go out of Pakistan the way he did. He recalled it was the first time in the countrys history that the Diyat Law had been used and that too to facilitate the release of a foreign spy. In his opinion, the countrys problems would remain unsolved unless the unanimously adopted resolution of parliament was implemented. He demanded that Pakistan should quit the US-sponsored war on terror. He disagreed with assertions the MMA had played a role in strengthening the hands of Musharraf. Setting the record right, he said the military intervention had been validated by the judiciary. Then, he recalled, it was the then president Rafiq Tarar who stayed in the presidency for some 18 months, during which Musharraf was the chief executive. Subsequently, he said, both the PPP and the PML-N became part of the system when they participated in the 2002 general elections, held under the amended Constitution which had raised the number of parliament seats and lowered the voters age from 21 years to 18. As for the MMAs talks with Musharraf, he said they were aimed at forcing the dictator to set a date for taking off his uniform. He said if the MMA failed to achieve the desired results, it did not mean that motives should be attributed to its intentions. At present, he said, the army was not in power but the Punjab chief minister was insisting that talks should be held with them. Still, those who tried to nudge the army out of politics are called enemies of democracy and the ones who want to suck them in are champions of democracy, he said sarcastically.