LAHORE-Former foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi on Thursday opposed the proposed devolution of the Higher Education Commission to the provinces and linked the future of thousands of Pakistani scientists and students with the commission. While talking to media persons after a book launching ceremony, Qureshi urged the government to take back the decision in the interest of thousands of students and scientists. As a chief guest, Qureshi said that Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani should take notice of the expected development which would have far-reaching impact on the education of youth. The Ex-FM offered no comments when a reporter asked a question about his future in the Pakistan Peoples Party. He also avoided giving answer to another question about President Asif Ali Zardaris criticism on him at a meeting in Islamabad. Earlier, while addressing the book launching ceremony, he announced formation of a think-tank to steer the country out of the present crises. Somebody will have to rise to the occasion to save sinking boat of the nation, he observed. We will have to protect and strengthen Qauids Pakistan for future generations. He vowed to protect the countrys honour and existence at the cost of his life. The former minister said the country was going through crisis but some people had compromised the countrys security just for the sake of power. Without naming the PPP, but in an obvious reference to his party, Qureshi said that the forthcoming elections would throw up different results as the people would not repose their confidence again on those who had been tested and failed to resolve their problems. The people can not be hoodwinked any more on mere pledges, he added. Taking about controversial release of US national Raymond Davis, he said it was a painful issue, adding that the Pakistanis were feeling insecure after his release. Regretfully, he said, the case depicted the weakness of Pakistani rulers. Is Pakistanis blood so cheap that any one could kill them and murders of innocent masses by drone attacks, he said and added that the ongoing movements for change in Islamic countries depicted that revolution could not be stopped by force.