ISLAMABAD - J Salik, Convener World Minorities Alliance, on Thursday handed over a comprehensive letter to Wayne Pilgrim, seeking steps to ask the countries to fly their flags at half-mast on April 21 to express solidarity with Muslims against the desecration of Holy Quarn. UN Representative in Pakistan Wayne Pilgrim received this letter and assured immediate response over it. In the letter it was stated that Terry Jones and jury of about 30-member committee have committed desecration of the Holy Quran in Florida. He demanded of UN secretary-general to call an emergent meeting to overcome the increasing violence and fix a day to promote interfaith harmony and add interfaith harmony as a subject in the syllabus of the world It was stated that the Christian community should hoist black flags till the 21st of April in order to mourn for 27 days over the shameful act. He also urged the United Nations to take strict action against such activities. He also asked the US and Pakistan to fly there flags at half mast for at least a day to express solidarity with Muslims. Salik has appealed to United Nations to understand the sensitivity of this issue as it could pose a serious threat to the minorities of the world. He termed it is a conspiracy. He also said that United Nations should issue international convention against disrespect of any religion of the world. Later on, on Thursday J Salik placed himself with a 10-feet long and 8-feet wide dove, symbol of peace. He along with children held banners demanding the UN to take immediate steps to curb the increasing violence.