ISLAMABAD - Opening the debate on Presidents 22nd March address to the joint sitting of the Parliament, Leader of the Opposition in the Senate Wasim Sajjad on Thursday said it lacked soul and passion and gave no solution to the problems faced by the people of Pakistan. Wasim Sajjad, while taking part in the debate after the delay of fourth consecutive sittings due to the absence of ministers, said the President in his address had explained the governments policies but failed to provide any solution to the challenges faced by masses and the country. He attracted the attention of the Chair towards the absence of ministers in the House, whom Haji Adeel Ahmed termed as missing ministers while relating it to the term of missing persons. Wasim Sajjad observed that whatever they uttered in the National Assembly and the Senate went unheard and unnoticed. He said the ministers should take notes of the debate to express their views in the Cabinet. He appreciated the services of Raza Rabbani, Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Constitutional Reforms for passing the 18th and the 19th Amendments with consensus. The most important aspect is that changes were made in the distribution of powers to provinces from centre and in the method of appointment oh higher judiciary, he said. He said the revolutionary and practical change was to provide compulsory education to youth, as it was the fundamental right of the people of Pakistan. At a time when subjects from the concurrent list were being transferred from federal to provinces, Higher Education Commission (HEC) should remain at the federal level, he said, adding that the matter should be sent to Council of Common Interests (CCI). He said the HEC was a regulator authority like NEPRA and such institutions should come under the preview of CCI. While interpreting the Constitution, we should develop consensus to make amendments in the law if necessary to retain such institutions at federal level, he said. Wasim Sajjad said the President in his address had highlighted the problems like rising inflation, weak economy and militancy faced by country but, he said, it was not a solution to say that the government inherited them. He said the government had completed its three years and it should give up the rhetoric that it inherited these problems. He stated that if the government could not resolve the masses problems, it should provide opportunity to others after separating itself from power. He said that political approach was needed to develop consensus for the eradication of militancy and terrorism in the country. He said the government needed to focus on the resolution of Kashmir issue, adding the though the Prime Minister did not mention that issue in his resent visit to India. He also said that Presidential address did not talk of drone attacks. He remarked that there was a dire need for making an affective law to deal with corruption prevailing in the country, as President mentioned about accountability law in his address.