NADRA instructions for issuance of National Identity Card for Overseas Nationals (NICOP) under part (b) states One of the addresses (Present/Permanent) must be Pakistani address. One wonders how a foreign national can opt to write his permanent address in Pakistan. This may result in gross misuse of NICOP Card. US Consulate General of Pakistan in New York desires valid Pakistani or US/foreign passport photocopy which is strange requirement to issue NICOP card. In the opinion of undersigned the permanent address should be within the country they have acquired the permanent residence whether they own a house there or are renting one. Renting of the house can established if one can prove through utility bills in ones name. Even the temporary Pakistans address need to be verified with great care and should be written with proper proof/ evidence. The NICOP card must also state the acquired nationality in an appropriate column. NADRA is expected to exercise highest care in issuance of NICOP cards to avoid any unnecessary litigation. ZAHID AZIZ, Lahore, April 7.