LAHORE Over 50 employees of Urdu Science Board have expressed their utmost disappointment over the decision of merging their institution with National Language Authority, besides demanding the federal government to withhold the decision by placing the board separately under the Cabinet Division. In process of devolution under the 18th amendment of the constitution, some federal ministries have been transferred to provinces as per the notification of Cabinet Division issued on Tuesday. As per the notification, the Ministry of Education has been devolved and the USB, which worked under the ministry, has been merged with NLA under Cabinet Division with other institutions including National Book Foundation and Urdu Dictionary Board. On the merger, the employees of the USB expressed their resentment terming it as unnatural merger. The official of USB while sharing their anxiety with The Nation on Thursday expressed their reservations, saying the board is older than NLA, as it came into being in 1962 while NLA was founded in 1979. They said Urdu Science Board has been publishing valuable and popular science books to promote its cause. It has constructed its own office building with the sale of books long before the conception of NLA. The objectives of both the institutions are different. Urdu Science Board has undertaken a comprehensive but delicate task of transferring a great deal of modern scientific knowledge into Urdu so as to upgrade Urdu as a modern scholarly language while the NLA has the mandate to promote Urdu as official level, they said and added this was the reason why NLA was established as a separate body from the very first day and not as an enhancement or expansion of Urdu Science Board.