KHYBER AGENCY – A student of Government High School - Waqas, 8 - who hailed from Mirdad Khel died of measles here in tehsil Landi Kotal, Yar Akbar, the other day, uncle of the deceased said.

A local doctor said, “the patient was brought to his private clinic in serious condition last late night hours. Life saving drugs were provided to him but in vain.

Four other measles patients including twin brothers of the deceased were also provided medical aid.”

The measles has broken out in Mirdad Khel, Toti Khel, Ghani Khel, Piro Khel and Shelman areas of tehsil Landi Kotal, Expended Programme of Immunization (EPI) official said. More than 50 measles cases have been registered for the last three months in the effected areas, on duty EPI technician said.

 The effected families must have ignored the measles vaccination, which provides to the new neonates in two doses in age of 9th and 13th months, he claimed.

Emergency immunization has been launched in all suspected areas to deal the disease in its initial stage, he said.

On a query, Dr Feroz Shah said, “Lack of health awareness among the masses especially in women folk is the main cause of the disease.

The mothers are reluctant to consult doctors and usually tackle measles cases in tradition and domestic ways of treatment at their homes.

It is worth mentioning here that five children had died of measles last year in Landi Kotal.