There have been umpteen articles and letters written by the technical experts in various newspapers about scarcity of river waters in Pakistan. It appears all these cries of the technical people who have given very convincing warnings about the immediate need of constructing mega reservoirs of water are falling flat on deaf ears of the political leadership of the country. Although, the rulers know in their hearts that it is in the construction of Kalabagh dam where lies the lifeline of the country and it is in the national interest but still they have closed their eyes like a pigeon to earn the goodwill of couple of provinces.

In view of India's latest plans of diverting the waters of our three western rivers (Indus, Jehlum and Chenab), our country is going to be a desert. The people of Pakistan especially those who oppose the building of Kalabagh dam must be told the disastrous effects of Indian's plans. It is going to be water terrorism by the Indians whereby we are going to starve to death as it would affect our Rabi and Kharif crops. Engineer Khurshid Anwar has given the requisite details of water distribution to the provinces vis-a-vis what they are getting now in all his writings. The need of building Kalabagh dam cannot be further emphasized. His untiring efforts in leading the Jihad to build Kalabagh dam for many years now must be appreciated at the highest level.

If the government thinks that building Kalabagh dam is a folly then they should come out with an alternative plan before it is too late to do anything. I think we are more interested in playing politics of power and no one is sincere to the national cause may it be power generation, managing national institutions or building dams. The alarm bells are already ringing and no one in the ruling junta is listening. Their case smacks of Nero of Rome who was busy playing his flute while the Rome was burning!


Lahore, April 3.