KARACHI - Ufone succeeded to sign up four top golfers of the country and this is for the first time in the history of Pakistan that the game has been endorsed by a country at a wide scale.

Sponsorship holders are the top three national ranking players Shabbir Iqbal (No 1), Matloob Ahmed (No 2) and M Munir (No 3). This endorsement will be a chance for the players to gain an international exposure.

President and CEO Ufone Abdul Aziz, who attended the signing ceremony, said: “These gentlemen have had a great career ahead and indeed a great opportunity for them to share their talent with the whole nation.”

It is worth mentioning here that due to lack of sponsorship, top professionals of the country had failed to appear in Asian Tour. Pakistan's top four golfers will now get the opportunity to appear in Asia Tour and other international events.