RAWALPINDI  – Citizens have protested against illegal lifting of their cars and motorcycles from parking places by traffic wardens to show their performance in collection of maximum fine money.

The process of lifting of cars, vehicles and motorcycles parked at different roads and trade centres by the traffic wardens is continuing brazen facedly under the pretext of no parking zone norms violation. No information is provided to the owners of cars and bikes about lifting their vehicles.

Thousands of citizens who visit Commercial Market, Raja Bazaar, Sadar Katchehry, Chandni Chowk, Faizabad and other trade centres for shopping or medical treatment purpose park their cars and vehicles in the parking areas provided by the traders. When they return they don’t find their cars and other vehicles at parking place and they file report with Rescue 15 about car lifting.

Later they come to know that their cars have been lifted by traffic wardens using lifters.

The citizens complained that most of the spare parts particularly batteries are removed from their cars when they are returned.

The citizens demanded stoppage of this what they describe highhandedness of traffic wardens otherwise they will be forced to protest rally.

 It is worth mentioning here that the city is already facing a shortage of parking plazas and there is a dire need to build more spaces for parking purposes.