It is common knowledge that the menace of discrimination is widespread in Pakistan.  Here, I identify three main forms of discrimination which are being experienced and observed in today’s Pakistan. As a result, even highly talented people are victimised. The first form is “ethnic discrimination”. It is ruining our society badly. The Sindhis as well as the Balochs bear the brunt. They have little or no representation in positions of authority or power.  They are being ignored and marginalized. Worse still, there are more than one hundred prominent organizations where only ethnic discrimination is the order of the day. The second form of discrimination is ‘religious or sectarian discrimination”. Because of religious discrimination, Christians and because of sectarian discrimination the Shias suffer the most. The third form of discrimination is “gender” discrimination.  It is also rising with the hour. The question is: how long the innocent people of this country would have to suffer due to the evil prevailing in the society. The enlightened segment of the society should rise to the occasion and discourage the growing culture of discrimination in Pakistan. In order to save and strengthen our country there is a moral in the golden words of Justice (retd) Mr. Ali Sain Dino Mettlo who once said, “justice dwells in attitude better than law books”. Hence, all those who are in the position of power and authority they have to demonstrate and prove through their attitude that they are just and judicious and not otherwise.


Islamabad, April 7.