KARACHI - The price of LPG was slashed by Rs 10 per kilogram on Saturday as local producers decreased its price by Rs 11,600 to Rs 93,200 per ton as sales declined.

This was stated by Chairman of FPCCI Standing Committee on LPG and patron- in-chief of All Pakistan LPG Distributors Association (APLDA) Abdul Hadi Khan here.  He said that LPG will be selling at Rs 117-118 per kilo in Sindh, Karachi, Punjab and Lahore and Rs 119-120 per kg in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Peshawar, Rs 126-128 per kg in FATA, Northern Areas, AJK and Swat.

He said that 11.8 kilo cylinder will be sold at Rs 1260-1270 in Sindh and Punjab, Rs 1300-1310 in KPK and Peshawar, Rs 1350 in Swat and Batgram, Rs 1400 in FATA, AJK and northern areas.

Similarly, 45.4 kg cylinder will be sold at Rs 4916 in Sindh and Punjab, Rs 5053 in KPK and Peshawar, Rs 5225 in Swat, Batgram, Rs 5642 in FATA, AJK and northern areas.

Hadi has welcomed this decrease in view of severe energy crisis and said the producers have now realised after a long time that LPG sale was on a steep decline and also that they were overburdening the consumers by not reducing prices.

He said that LPG sale has  educed to 700-800 ton per day due to high prices and its import was also stopped for the last two months. “There is a need that local producers must enhance their production and further cut LPG prices to lift its sales in the country so that it can be affordable for consumers and the profiteers should not take the advantage”, he added.