LAHORE – FACES Pakistan, a nonprofit organization working for inter-cultural dialogue and capacity building amongst mixed religious communities, has recently launched Aman, a music project to promote the message of peace and humanity. The band Aman consists of seven girl-vocalists, symbolizing the colors of rainbow, who come from diverse academic backgrounds. Their music reflects the glimpses of classical, rock, pop and fusion putting it in the genre of World Music. The band is currently working on their album and debut video. “This is the time when we need to talk about peace the most,” said Elaine Alam, the lead vocalist of AMAN, “We have to come forward with the songs of peace, harmony and coexistence, some of the things which are badly missing in Pakistan, says a prèss release.”

The Vice President of FACES Pakistan and one of the founders of AMAN, Mr. Javaid William said, “Music being a populist medium of art has a power to educate and motivate people for the betterment of society. We’ve formed Aman to achieve these goals.”

The band is recording their album at Salman Albert’s studios, who is also the technical advisor of the band. The debut video will be directed by the acclaimed documentary filmmaker Ammar Aziz.