ISLAMABAD - Philippines secured berth in the final round of Asia/Oceania Group-II which to be played in September by defeating Pakistan 3-0 on Saturday.

Pakistan had lost both opening day singles matches and also lost doubles match on Saturday as Aqeel Khan/Jalil Khan lost the doubles against Huey/Ruben Gonzales Junior in straight sets 6-1, 6-4 and 6-2. Yasir khan will play Johnny Arcilla and Aqil Khan will play Huey in the dead rubber today (Sunday).

It is to worth mention here that PTF management did not even had courtesy to give answer to the offer of patriotic dual national Davis Cupper Samir Iftikhar who was ready to travel from other side of the globe to play for the country of his father's birth for the important tie against Philippines. The PTF ignored his impeccable record as only Junior since 1998 to win four ITF Junior World Ranking Titles, National Men's Titles in 2010, his unbeaten run at Davis Cup trails 2011 where he had beaten all the players in the existing team, the unprofessional approach of the management where they without giving any explanation changed the winning team captain Rashid Malik who has 15 Davis Cup wins under his belt could have played vital role in the outcome of the tie. Now Pakistan has got a humiliating defeat but the gesture of British born Samir to play for Pakistan has won hearts of tennis followers of the country.

Talking exclusively to TheNation on Saturday, former Davis Cupper Tayyab Iftikhar, father of Samir Iftikhar, told this correspondent: "It is highly disappointing that the PTF has not even as courtesy bothered to answer the letter sent to the PTF President Syed Kaleem Imam. Samir had obtained special permission from the US University to play for Pakistan and forgo important team event at San Diego California. On other hand, the Philippines Tennis Federation has cashed on their 20 Year Alicantra and flew him from Fresno State University to play the tie against Pakistan.”

He further said that the discrimination against Samir was crystal clear. “The PTF intentionally excluded his name and his extraordinary achievements which he brought to the country. If this kind of negative attitude towards Samir continues, it will greatly hinder his future progress and development of tennis in the country. I am going to lodge a strong protest with PTF President Kaleem Imam and will advise him to take strong notice of the unjust being done to my son,” Tayyab concluded.