A seminar organised by PML-Q came out with a firm statement pointing to the historical reality that Zukfikar Ali Bhutto was a strong proponent of Kalabagh Dam. It urged the PPP and the ANP to revisit their stand. Also during the session, speakers discussed the ‘Shujaat formula’ which seems more like a quick-fix for the reason that all the provinces would have to pool 10 percent of their funds from the NFC to pay the IPPs. About 75 percent of loadshedding would vanish but only for three months’ time. Besides, the provinces would not agree. Bhutto was undoubtedly a national leader with a vision of Pakistan’s progress and prosperity. He would rise above parochial considerations. It was because he could foresee that the country would need suitable and large reservoirs that he favoured Kalabagh dam. He would be turning in his grave to see the present setup pretending to be following in his footsteps , but at the same time rolling back the project.

While one must give the PML-Q a pat on the back for diverting attention towards the point, the fact remains that it largely kept mum while in power in alliance with the PPP. It is understandable that all of a sudden the party has started arguing in the dam’s favour because it knows that it could serve to widen their vote bank in Punjab.