KARACHI - The business community of Karachi, Sindh submit has expressed its deep reservations and concerns regarding the Energy Conference, which is scheduled to be held in Lahore on April 9.

In a letter sent to Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gillani on Saturday, KKCI President Mian Abrar Ahmad said National Energy Conference is being held at a very short notice and the business community of Sindh has not been taken into confidence nor invited to participate in the preparatory deliberations regarding the conference. “Also, the objectives and some agenda components unfortunately carry negative connotation. We are apprehensive that this debate, being undertaken in the background of Government of Punjab sponsored “energy riots” in Punjab, may add fuel to the fire and may accentuate the ongoing attrition amongst a range of stakeholders especially amongst the federating units,” the letter added.

Letter said the current distribution is probably inequitable and not transparent whereas in reality the distribution of energy is being undertaken in accordance with the Constitution of Pakistan.

Letter said, this conference is unlikely to yield any worthwhile results and will only breed further difference especially given the current political climate in the province of Punjab.

In this background, it is sincerely recommended that instead of reopening and questioning issues settled under the Constitution of Pakistan, the government should concentrate on “resolving’ the major bottlenecks and move ahead and take strategic decisions required to bring more energy on the grid and by taking the required reforms and governance actions for containing losses, and leakages.

There is an urgent need to put in place an Action Plan rather than politicize and create further attrition. A collective national effort is needed to face the challenge. Prompt measures need to be taken by the government instead of opening up contentious debate.