LAHORE – Stagnation of sewerage water beneath the under-construction Canal Flyovers is not only presenting picture of pond but is also damaging the foundations of the Muslim Town Flyover, exposing the performance of the authorities of Water and Sanitation Agency, a survey conducted by TheNation revealed.

The residents and traders of Ferozpur Road informed this scribe that the sewerage system of the offices of trading companies and residences in surroundings of Muslim Town Flyover was disconnected by the Construction Company with the consent of authorities of Water and Sanitation Agency before starting construction work and digging process of the Road.

They said that the residents and the traders, as a result of closure of sewerage system are in trouble because they have no substitute drainage system for flushing out used water which resulted in stagnation of water on the road, streets and residences, situated beside the said Flyovers.

Irfan Rasheed Khan, a trader, said that the Punjab Chief Minister inaugurated the Muslim Town Flyover but he did not take notice of the condition beneath the bridge due to stagnation of waste water and the performance of the Wasa authorities in this regard.

Muhammad Ali, a resident of the same area, complained that the dirty stagnant water of sewerage started entering into the houses and offices as result of chalked drainage system, which is not only causing massive nuisance for the residents and traders but also is a major source of growth of mosquitoes especially dengue. He said that the stagnant water is contributing different abdomen related diseases among the are people especially the children.

It was witnessed that the entire old sewerage system of Wasa, flowing under ground of Ferozpur Road and beneath the flyovers further chalked as a result of filling with mud, waste and with construction material, thrown by the workers and labour of Contract Company National Logistic Cell (NLC) during the construction of these flyovers.

The traders and area people further complained that the matter is also in the notice of the authorities concerned of the Wasa but they seemed reluctant to take any action in this regard despite the area people have submitted applications for the cleaning of drainage system.

 The Wasa officials are of the view that they are unable to remove such a huge quantity of garbage from these sewerages which is possible only with the help of heavy machinery. They also said that they cannot clean these drains till the completion of construction of the said flyover.

Residents and the traders submitted applications to Punjab CM requesting him to issue orders to the Wasa authorities for the purpose but all in vain. In their application they also pointed out all the contents of the issue for getting him on the point but not action was initiated so far.

When contacted Managing Director Wasa Dr Javed Iqbal, he was not available for his version.