Indus was considered to be Sindh’s river when five rivers flowed through Punjab. With the loss of three rivers to India, the whole country has to share the three remaining rivers of which Indus is the only one with surplus flows. Tarbela dam increased supplies by 25 percent by storing and saving surplus flood waters. Obviously, all the provinces have a legitimate share in the water stored at Tarbela. Sindh was able to cultivate 20 lakh additional acres after the commissioning of Tarbela dam. South Punjab is taking its due share through the CJ and TP link canals. North Punjab was to take its due share through the left bank canal at Kalabagh dam. These shares are all from the surplus water stored at Tarbela dam and do not impinge on the Indus river which will continue to flow normally. Once this is understood the distrust about Punjab taking Sindh’s water from the Indus will disappear.  ENGR KHURSHID ANWER,  Lahore, April 7.