RAJANPUR - The Circle Police Jampur registered 202 cases, arrested 102 court fugitives and recovered stolen articles worth Rs0.8 million during the outgoing month of March.

According to SDPO Amjad Javed Khan Dogar, all the police stations in the Jampur Circle registered 202 cases including four murder case, two attempted murder, 7 for inflicting injuries, 1 under section 363, 5 under section 365 (b), 1 for attacking police, 1 for fatal injuries, 2 for non-fatal injuries, 1 for bike grabbing, 3 for highway looting, 3 for bike theft, 8 of burglary, 6 for cattle theft, 15 for general pilferage, 19 for unlicensed arms, 13 for narcotics, 8 for gambling, 6 under section 212/216, 2 for water brigandage, 3 under section 353 and 7 for general banditry. Similarly, four court absconders and stolen articles worth Rs0.8 million were recovered during the month of March.