LAHORE - It is unfortunate that a reporter (not of TheNation) acting as proxy for the gang of four headed by Asif Zardari has once again reiterated the age old tissue of lies.

Each time, the Sharif Family is to ‘bashed’, archives of NAB, and associates are opened and dust covered files are updated for unleashing libelous and malicious lies, which are fed to the public through print and electronic media.

No one reads clarification or rebuttals and its always a safe let to lie and make bald allegation. It is for this reason that yet again, the vested interests have unleashed a campaign of vilification dirt galore liable to QAZF..!

Mian Shahbaz Sharif and Mian Nawaz Sharif do not owe money as alleged by “The News”. It is not possible that the editorial board of “The News” and the reporter did not have knowledge of the court’s verdict reported widely. It is available online, published, printed and reported. This is as far back as September, 2002 that the full Bench of the Lahore High Court ruled as follows:

“The undisputed fact, however, remains that the two companies i.e. the principal debtor have placed all the assets and properties at the disposal of the court at the initiative of the creditor bank. The bank it self wants to realize its dues by the disposal of the properties of the two companies, which has already been accepted by the said companies. It is therefore a case in which the creditor has taken over the assets and properties of the principal debtor. The effect to our mind of this new arrangement is that all previous agreements including the agreements of guarantee stand suspended. It may be added that with the taking over of the assets and properties of the company by the creditor bank, the remedy of the surety to proceed against the principal debtor at least stands suspended.

When the creditor takes over the principal debtor i.e. the company, the surety cannot be held to be liable anymore:

The short and simple of the judgment which has attained finality on this particular subject is that Mian Shahbaz Sharif is neither a defaulter nor is liable to any bank in respect of any company i.e. ittefaq foundries, Ittefaq brothers and brothers steel. The allegation that slay order was obtained through a tactical move is not only preposterous but also against recorded historical facts. It is a matter of record that stay was obtained by the much estranged cousin Mian Illyas Meraj. It was obtained during Musharraf’s regime, while the Sharif Family was in forced exile. How on earth could the Sharif Family maneuvered anything ?

In the election, in 2008, the same issue cropped up and this time around, the Supreme Court of Pakistan also over ruled the objection orchestrated by the same gangsters headed by Asif Zardari that the Sharif Brothers were defaulters. The judgment is also available online PLD 2009 Supreme Court 644.

Any reporter worth his salt should have knowledge of this as well. The only inference is that these judgments were maliciously suspended and attempt has been made to mislead public at large. It is now for public to judge as to who is Sadiq and who is liable to QAZF..!