After 65 years, Pakistan is still laden with problems of injustice, poverty, illiteracy and unemployment mainly due to the inability of recurring governments in resolving these predicaments. With unlimited knowledge and information available to the common man by internet and the media, it is no more possible to mislead a nation. With a free media, set on exposing sores of corrupt faces from the politics, the people now want to see actions rather than hear empty slogans from political figures.

It is time that someone took the bull by the horns and fixed this ailing nation. It needs real actions; good governance can easily bring a change and make Pakistan into a prosperous and real democratic state, where the rule of law and opportunities of self-growth, based on merit are available to all. In seems as if our rulers have forgotten all ethics they learnt at home or school? But then maybe these fraudulent people never belonged to good families that taught them moral and ethical values. If a person like ex-PM Gillani who belonging to a family that has a name in the Muslim world, and he has proclaimed ascendancy from the family of Syed Abdul Qadir Gilani a renowned Sufi and religious figure revered by many, if he can turn out to be what he was, who can you trust in Pakistan?

At the time of the Industrial Revolution, development gurus of the West, encountered problems and realized the importance of linking technological advancement with well-performing institutions. We remain in the dark ages, our educated elite knowing and learning more ways to fleece the poor rather than educate them. When the economy of a country is on the skid, the government cannot remain coy but needs to fulfilling its responsibility of improving the overall economic governance. The continued and unchecked violence has halted development prospects as well as production in Pakistan. Security of life and property are as important for development as is energy, and we lack both.

Pakistan has a high rate of population growth. The current population of the country at 180 million ranks it at number six by population in the world. Extensive subsidies are being given to those who are already rich. The multilateral taxation system is letting the big fish escape out of the net while small business are taxed and the common man is held hostage to taxes. A better tax system can stabilize the economy and get the country out of heavy loans from IMF. Decentralization is a powerful tool to combat the hitches of governance, but for a long time it has been used as a political and devolution of administrative powers has never been matched with delegation of financial powers at the lower tiers of governance.


Lahore, April 1.