ISLAMABAD– The public parks in almost each sector of the federal capital are in very poor condition due to negligence on the part of Capital Development Authority (CDA).

Public parks and playgrounds are very essential for promotion of healthy activities among people but unfortunately, the neglected parks in federal capital have failed to attract the visitors.

The residents of Islamabad complained that public parks situated in various areas were in very poor condition.

The parks situated in posh sector F-6, F-7, G-6, G-7 and G-8 are in pathetic condition because the jogging tracks, swings, lights and benches installed in these parks have broken. Wild bushes are growing in these parks and the parks have turned to woods.

With advent of evening, the revellers and junkies thronged at these parks and make fuss. The families have started to avoid visiting these parks due to poor management. The residents have demanded of CDA to take notice of the situation and ensure entertainment facilities at these parks.

INP adds: Citizens have expressed concerns over dilapidated condition and lack of facilities in public parks of rural areas of the federal capital. The citizens said that benches, chairs, sheds and other facilities in the parks in rural areas including Rawal Town, Rawal Dam and others are broken while in some parks, swings and other recreational facilities are not available.

They said that residents avoid visiting the parks, while drug pushers, taking advantage of the situation, keep wandering in there. Moreover, they said, grills of some parks in the rural areas were stolen by thieves due negligence of the guards deployed in the parks.

The citizens and traders demanded of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) Chairman Syed Tahir Shahbaz to arrange renovation and provide swings, slides, sheds, benches and other facilities in the parks, besides making the guards fulfil their duties.