ISLAMABAD  - The election candidates who have passed the initial scrutiny test must not be overjoyed as the Election Commission has warned that the scrutiny of their nomination papers will continue even after the elections.

The process of scrutiny of candidates’ papers would continue after the elections and those found to have deceived the commission would be declared disqualified even after winning the elections, ECP Additional Secretary Afzal Khan said Sunday. Talking to media, the ECP official also asked the caretaker government to refrain from appointing partial officials and concentrate instead on appointing neutral officials. “The caretaker government should prove its neutrality and fairness in elections by making sure that not even the slightest of rigging in polls is engineered.”

Full impartiality and neutral attitude should be observed during any appointments and reshuffling of governmental officials, Afzal said, out stressing that the whole nation would be observing the caretakers’ functioning during the elections and ahead of it. He said the ECP ordered for the restoration of the services of Information Technology Secretary Dr Zafar Qadir by today (Monday).

He said Zafar has been working on real-time monitoring and he had developed a plan for it. The official also said that the ECP has acquired the services of FBR officer Junaid Ikram to help evaluate the financial and tax returns of the contesting candidates.

Afzal Khan assured that ECP had taken all necessary measures to ensure that all roads to any kind of rigging were totally blocked, besides carrying out stringent scrutiny of all candidates. “Anybody having any grievances or objections can access the higher courts for redresses,” he said.