KARACHI  - Frequent electricity suspensions, old wires, excessive load and kunda culture have baffled power consumers at Sachal Goth, forcing people to brave sleepless nights.

The sprawling suburban area braves three routine load shedding spells more than 2 hours each; however, many blocks of the locality remain without electricity for many more hours on daily basis due to excessive load and poor supply position.

The citizens are of the view the Karachi Electric Supply Company officials do not extend cooperation in installing more pole-mounted transformers to meet the power demand on the plea of huge outstanding bills. They said due to ripe kunda culture and non-payment of bills it is difficult for them to ensure smooth supply of the electricity to the locality.

However, the citizens maintain that majority of the consumers pay their bill regularly, even despite the fact that these bills are often inflated and based on detection reading. They say when the electricity is not supplied to them for most of the day it is not their fault if their meters show fewer unit consumption. They say the C Block of Sachal Goth is the most affected block, when many streets have been plunged into darkness due to non-supply of electricity.

The citizens convened a meeting in this regard with was also attended by ex-MPA Muhammad Younas Barai.

It disused the grim situation and decided that higher authorities would be contacted to solve this issue. The meeting was informed that more than 60percent of outstanding bills have already been paid. It noted that the majority of consumers regularly pay their bills and they should be given a collective punishment for inability a few defaulters.

It was noted that costly electricity appliances were being damaged due to electricity fluctuation and consumers were sustaining heavy losses without any compensation.

Electricity is the basic need of life and considered as basic right of people, said Barai, adding it is injustice to deprive people from the access of electricity. He said it is pity that suburban localities of Karachi including Sachal Goth are being neglected in provision of urban civic facilities and infrastructure.

He said the previous city nazim Naimatullah Khan and town nazim Gulshan-e-Iqbal Abdul Wahab had provided basic facilities of water, gas, sewerage lines, playgrounds, roads and streets to Sachal Goth, adding his party Jamaat-e-Islami believes that Karachi Goths are the ornaments on the face of Karachi.

He said he has already contacted concerned authorities and hopefully the issue of electricity crisis in the locality would be resolved soon.

He demanded provision of all modern civic facilities to Karachi slums and Goths including proper supply of electricity, water, public transport and other amenities on priority.