PESHAWAR  – Caretaker Minister for Information, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Mossarat Qadeem has said that the provincial government will make all out efforts for conducting free, fair and transparent elections in the province.

“It’s a responsibility and we will conduct elections according to the constitution”, she added.

Talking to media at Pakhtunkhwa House, Islamabad, she said, the caretakers would make it sure that no body in the field of election process raises an accusing finger on its resolve, commitment and sincerity.

She said the overall law and order situation in the province was not much ideal, adding that efforts would be made to bring visible improvement in the law and order.

The District administrations would be sensitized, proper vigilance would be put in place and appropriate measures would be taken to facilitate the holding of elections in the province transparently, the minister added.

Mossarat Qadeem said that our job is to provide an ideal environment where the people could exercise their right of vote and the political forces are provided an even handed field. Nobody would find a space to get an edge and in the process rig the elections, she added.

Our efforts are leading to ensure good governance in the province.    

Administrative Departments have already been sensitized to follow merit-based policy.

She said, the present dispensation is a bridge to continuity of democracy, therefore, the holding of elections in a free and transparent manner is a trial both for the government and Elections Commission.       

We wish that people vote for deserving in the elections so that clean and able leadership leads the people in consonance with their wishes.

She said, creating awareness and educating the people is not an easy task.

“We expect the media to have a dominant role in the whole exercise. Today’s media is free and more dynamic than before and it will come up to the expectations,” she added.