LAKKI MARWAT – Local leaders of Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf have condemned the party’s parliamentary board for awarding ticket to an undeserving person for the sole seat of National Assembly of Lakki. Speaking at a hurriedly called meeting here on Sunday, Haklim Asghar, Farman Zangikhel, Fidaullah, Malik Imran and others alleged that a senior party leader Khan Bahadar fully deserved to be awarded ticket to contest election on the national assembly seat, NA-27. But the parliamentary board ignored him and awarded the ticket to Col(r) Ameerullah Khan who did not serve party in the backward district. They said that local party activists would resist any such act of the parliamentary regarding awarding ticket to Ameerullah Khan. The PTI leaders said that Khan Bahadar worked day and night for the cause of party and popularized it in each and every village and hamlet of the district. “To put Col(r) Ameerullah’s name on the list of candidates who will likely to get PTI tickets is beyond comprehension”, they maintained.  They warned that violation of merit in award of tickets would not be tolerated at all. They alleged that some members of the parliamentary board had links with other political parties and they wanted to deprive genuine leaders and workers of PTI from contesting elections. They demanded of PTI Chairman Imran Khan to stop the parliamentary board from awarding tickets to undeserving people and direct it to keep party leaders including NA-27 aspirant Khan Bahadar on top of the list of ticket deserving candidates. Meanwhile, an independent candidate on NA-27 Malik Haji Gulo Khan withdrew in favour of Saifullah brothers. He made the announcement to this effect during a public meeting at his residence in Jabukhel village on Sunday. The NA-27 candidate and former federal minister Salim Saifullah Khan, former MNA Ghulamud Din Jabukhel and other area elders were present on the occasion.  Two notables including Pir Masoom Jan Zakori of Serai Gambila and Maulana Abdul Hakim of Ozhakai joined the group of Saifullah brothers and vowed to exercise their energies for the success of influential Saifullahs. Speaking at the meeting, Salim Saifullah and Humayun Saifullah said that their political opponents, belonging to JUI-F, could not deceive people in the name of Islam because they had been exposed.  They said that Saifullah brothers were in the run for the national and provincial assembly seats against the aspirants of religious party with the clear vision to put the backward district on the path of development. They called upon the people to reject the so-called champions of Islam and use their right of franchise in favour of Saifullah brothers.