ISLAMABAD – The government has spent millions of rupees on construction of overhead bridges on Islamabad Expressway but the residents are not keen on using the bridges to cross the road that is causing mishaps.

Five overhead bridges and seven zebra crossings have been made on the Islamabad Expressway, but residents of the capital seldom use them to cross the highway. Resultantly, more than 100 persons have fallen victim to road accidents while crossing the road.

In a survey conducted by INP, a majority of the pedestrians were of the view that it took much more time in crossing the road through the overhead bridge.

When a traffic warden was asked why the police were not stopping pedestrians from cross the road like that, he said police officials had stopped pedestrians many times but they never listen.

It is pertinent to mention here that the Capital Development Authority (CDA) installed barbed wires on the dividers at many points on road to compel the pedestrians to use the overhead bridges, but the residents of the area cut the wires and made their way at many points.

Social circles and civil society of the capital have urged the residents to cross the road through overhead bridges and demanded the authorities concerned take strict action against persons trying to cross the road directly. This trend of not using the overhead bridges causes mishaps on the highway on regular basis.

According to the survey, majority of the pedestrians feel it convenient to cross the 10-lane highway rather than using the overhead bridge that the CDA has constructed for the safety of the citizens. Sometimes, the residents jump on the road to cross it just to save time, without caring about their lives, the survey said.

Besides adventurous nature of the people, another reason of the activity is that the civic authority did not build a wall separating the two-way traffic and the pedestrians find no hurdle in crossing the road.

It is worth mentioning here that the bridges are wide enough that even motorcyclists can use it for crossing the road.