LAHORE - The PML-Q has announced its manifesto for the 2013 elections, promising introduction of a ministry of energy to combat the energy crisis, a lead organisation to devise counter-terror strategy, a bill for minorities’ protection and a national commission on poverty as its salient features. The remaining agenda items, which were more or less part of its old manifesto, have been included in the new manifesto promising further improvement in the previous plans. The architect of PML-Q manifesto 2013, SM Zafar, unveiled the seven-point party manifesto 2013 on Sunday during a press conference at the Muslim League House. PML-Q chief Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain and Secretary General Mushahid Hussain Syed have also given their inputs. Manifesto Committee Chairman SM Zafar, while mentioning seven national priorities, promised: “PML-Q will combat extremism, eliminate terrorism, work on education for all, overcome energy crisis, ensure employment for youth, empowerment of women and revival of economy to reduce poverty. It will also curb inflation and eliminate corruption.” The PML-Q leaders promised in the manifesto, “If PML-Q is voted to power, a ministry of energy will be created to deal with the power sector in an integrated manner.” The manifesto promised: “A lead organisation will set up at the Prime Minister’s Secretariat to devise an effective counter-terror strategy and a national commission on poverty. Following its old plan of e-government, it will introduce a master plan in FBR and other economic organisations.” On the front of justice, it promised a speedy justice action plan. For empowering women, women protection centres would be established across the country, the manifesto said. The manifesto announced anti-corruption task forces in the federal as well as provincial governments. An anti-corruption hotline in cooperation with the media will be established in the prime minister and chief minister’s secretariats. The manifesto promised formulating a youth employment strategy. In the health sector, the PML-Q promised it will expand the Rescue 1122 to the entire country. On the agriculture front, the PML-Q will institute an electric agri-pricing system, besides creating provincial horticulture boards. For religious minorities, the PML-Q will introduce a minorities’ protection bill. The manifesto also promises establishing an autonomous national commission for child rights. The PML-Q will make efforts for the provision of low-cost housing, besides setting up a government servants’ housing foundation.  On the front of media, culture and arts, the PML-Q will introduce legislation for protection of journalists, besides making a comprehensive insurance policy for journalists. It will establish a culture and arts national foundation. For overseas Pakistanis, the PML-Q will formulate an investment policy, besides ensuring a convenient procedure, enabling them to cast their votes. On the public transport front, the manifesto promised innovative Lahore Rapid Mass Transit Scheme. The PML-Q will set up a national environment, climate change and water resources authority. The manifesto, discussing the provincial autonomy, promised implementation of the parliamentary committee’s report 2005 on Balochistan. It will also establish a Karachi emergency camp to solve the problems being faced by the provincial capital of Sindh. The PML-Q promised initiation of a party-based democratic political process in Fata, besides abolishing the Frontier Crimes Regulations (FCR). It will also revise the existing political agency system. On the front of national security and defence, the PML-Q will constitute a national security council (NSC), headed by the prime minister with leader of the opposition, federal ministers for foreign, defence, interior and finance affairs, all the chief ministers and heads of the armed forces as its members, besides appointing a full-time national security adviser. The foreign policy of PML-Q wants close relations with all its neighbours, complete support to Kashmiris in their struggle for right to self-determination, besides recognising APHC as the representative of the Kashmiris. It also supports an independent state in Palestine with Jerusalem as its capital. The PML-Q promised to support a peaceful solution to the Afghan problem by facilitating a dialogue with the Taliban and withdrawal of foreign forces. The PML-Q will not allow Pakistan’s territory to be used against any country nor will it tolerate foreign interference in its soil. It will support Iran’s peaceful nuclear programme under the IAEA. The PML-Q will execute international treaties to control child trafficking.