LAHORE - Former federal minister for water and power Ahmed Mukhtar has said that excessive loadshedding at this time of the season is a conspiracy being hatched by the new minister for water and power and secretary of the ministry on the behest of a political party and those who wanted to discredit the PPP.

He said as the minister he left sufficient allocation of funds to ensure fuel supply to generate around 14,000 mw of electricity thus ensuring minimum loadshedding in the country. He said he failed to understand the 12 to 14 hours of loadshedding in the urban and rural areas at this time of the season when it was the beginning of the summer.

He claimed during the last months of the PPP-led government the loadshedding was reduced to two to four hours because of increase in the power generation, efficient distribution system and better management. He asked the analysts to compare the situation during the last month of the PPP government with the present one.

He remarked it was obvious that some game was being played to harm the party in the forthcoming elections. He said the people will frustrate their designs by casting their votes in favour of the PPP.  He warned the people to be vigilant of the petty tactics of those who had gone to the extent of flouting all legal and moral ethics for the sake of getting political mileage.

He said he would unfold more facts in the near future if the situation did not improve so far as reduction in the loadshedding was concerned.