LAHORE – A get-together at of intellectuals by the name of Bethak has been initiated at Tech Society on Sunday which attracted many participants and people of different walks of life.

A group of intellectuals and scholars comprising educations, engineers, professors, doctors, economists, architects, politicians, columnists, poets and authors of books had gathered at the sitting.

Thoughts on Pakistan’s water problems and Indian water aggression and topics like students not putting questions in the classrooms because of depressive and fearful environment in the country were brought up and discussed.

Physics Professor of GCU Dr Mubashra Hameed, Professor of mass communication and renowned scholar Dr Mugheesud Din, Former Minister Qayyum Nizami, Zubair Sheikh, Poet Jameel Gishkori, Engr Abdul Majeed Khan, Former IMF Adviser Khalid Mahmood Saleem, Former Chairman IRSA Engr Shafqat Masood, Columnist Salman Abid, Engineers Mushtaq Ahmed Bhatti, Mahmudur Rehman Chughtai, Muhammad Azeem, Dr Muhammad Sadiq, Dr Muhammad Ibrahim and other professionals participated in this sitting.

The group was of the view that instead of highlighting contributions of Islamic leaders and scholars western heroes were being projected in our educational institutions.

They said that good books on achievements of Islamic leaders and scholars are very hard to find in Pakistan. They said that Pakistani youth was unaware about the real achievements and contributions of personalities like Tipu Sultan whereas a Silicon Valley has appeared in the area where he contributed.

Highlighting objectives of the ‘Bethak’ Zubair Sheikh said that basic purpose of organising this sitting is to discuss socio-economic, political and other problems of our society in informal and light way with the participation of learned, visionary, experienced and educated intelligentsia belonging to every profession so that we are able to find out ways to address issues. Poets Jameel Gishkori and Muhammad Zubair presented their kalam depicting present scenario of Pakistani society.

Speakers said that we are fond of criticizing others but are unable to bear criticism on ourselves which is a bad habit.

Dr Muhammad Ibrahim told that we can generate 55000 Mega Watt electricity through 5-Dam Plan including Akhori, Kalabgh and Kurram Tangi dam projects but lacking a leader to ensure implementation on these projects.

 If Sindhis have objections to Kalabagh dam project we should offer them to complete this project in their own supervision. Prof Dr Mubashra Hameed said that our history is being distorted and original books are lacking in the market.