The members of Pakistan’s transgender community have decided to contest the upcoming general elections on a ticket of equal rights. The community has more to offer than begging or dancing at the weddings. I have decided, this time, to vote for Almas Boby. Why? In all fairness, the members of the transgender community will not be as impotent as the outgoing lot of our parliamentarians.

Not much productivity was achieved by the PPP government during its five years of "misrule". However, their only achievement was the formation of a Parliamentary Committee on Constitutional Reforms that recommended Articles and Amendments in the constitution (or whatever is left of it), which included the eunuchs’ right to contest elections and if elected, be entitled to hold the office of the Prime Minister or that of the President without any discrimination.

Subsequently, the Supreme Court of Pakistan directed National Database and Registration Authority (Nadra) to immediately complete the process of registration of eunuchs in the country. Certainly, a much needed step to replace the ‘eunuchs’ running the country by the genuine ones. Nadra needs to be appreciated for being the first department to induct the eunuchs as their employees.

In another welcoming move, the Supreme Court advised the government to consider the appointment of eunuchs for the recovery of loans from defaulters. The Shemale Association, through its President Almas Boby, welcomed this step and showed the community’s resolve to recover the loans from the defaulters in the shortest possible time. Great initiative, indeed, for at least the eunuchs won't be that inefficient compared to the officers posted in the National Accountability Bureau (Nab), who have wasted and allegedly minted millions by doing useless cosmetic exercises.

The presence of eunuchs in the political arena is not something new and dates back to centuries. Eunuchs were a special group of administrators in Assyria. Assyria was a Semitic Akkadian Kingdom centred on the Upper Tigris River in northern Mesopotamia (present-day northern Iraq), extant as a nation state from the late 25th or early 24th century BC to 605 BC.

Originally, the eunuchs were entrusted with protecting the harem. But as early as 2,000 BCE, they held various high offices. And during the neo-Assyrian period (934-608 BCE), they were an essential part of the royal government.

In Pakistan, Almas Boby is presently the "democratically-elected” President of the Shemale Foundation of Pakistan. She/he is the Chairperson of the ‘Boby Group’, thus holding the charge of dual offices of the President and the Chairperson of the party. Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

Just like our parliamentarians, she has also been accused by her rival party members of collecting funds illegally from the khawaja sara community. Her rival ‘Chandni Group’ recently passed a resolution against Boby accusing her of charging Rs 1,000 from each one of them every month. They alleged that Boby was robbing them of their hard-earned money to live a luxurious life.

According to the accusation, Boby had built a luxury house in Lalkurti with an estimated cost of Rs 20 million. However, she has claimed "presidential immunity" by defending her act of collecting funds for the welfare of her community. In short, she has all the attributes required to qualify for being an "honest" parliamentarian.

An honest (do we still have any?) government servant cannot afford to build a house or save Rs 20 million even after giving 30 years of his life to the service of the nation. It’s about time our government servants should also start thinking about changing professions. The experience of "dancing to the tunes" of the rulers all their lives will surely make their entry prospects in the new profession very easy.

The eunuchs have now waived their right to challenge the rulers they served and take over their authority. The poet, Manohar Lal Ratnam, has very poetically written;

“Give away the power to

kinnars (eunuchs), the

country will prosper;

Then even after searching

for terrorists, you would

find none;

All the enemies of the nation will kneel down themselves;

When on the clapping of hands, the administration

of kinnars would run;

Ratnam, then who would dare to illegally enter the country?

And if it’s beyond your control, then hand over the country

to kinnars!”

On merit and considering the available lot of leaders around, Almas Boby will not be a bad choice. Trust me.

The writer is a PhD in  Information Technology, alumni of King’s College London and a social activist. He is life member of the Pakistan Engineering Council and senior international editor for IT Insight Magazine. He has authored two books titled Understanding Telecommunications and Living In The Grave and several research papers.  Email:   Twitter: @drirfanzafar